Thursday, January 05, 2006

Mp3 Downloads and Digital Music

First I'd like to wish everyone who reads this a Happy New Year! I started out last year with the Idea of puting out a Cd and selling it on the internet. So I started out searching for sites that might do this. I was a member of "Taxi" (wich is an independant A&R company that forwards your music to Publishers and Record Co.'s looking for songs) and remembered seeing some info on a site Called Cd Baby. I looked into it and went to the site and found hundreds of Independant Songwriters, Bands and Artists selling there Cd's there. At first I thought, this might cost a lot a money, but as I looked into it was actually pretty darn reasonable, $35 to sign up. This got me a month on the "New Artist" page under the Genre's of Music that I picked. It got me my own web page where I could post a link to my sight, Showcase my music on that page, had a place for comments from fans, a place where I could write notes to people who visit my page. I was Blown away! All this for $35 bucks! It gets better though. They were just starting out a new thing for their members which had to do with digitally Licensing your Songs off your Cd. This is where you can set it up so that people can Download Single Song Downloads of your music! There are sites that their licensed with such as Itunes and MusicNet to name just a couple. You also get a barcode to put on the back of your Cd so you can sell them at your local music store. I told myself, this is unbeleivable! So I signed up and haven't looked back yet. Once you get set-up and they send your music to all the online outlets and it takes a little while, but, before you know it you have a lot of sites carrying your downloads. Check out MedloSongs.Com and take a cruise around the site. If your a Musician and want to sell your Cd's online,or just a Music Lover, I have links to a ton of Independant Musician Sites, I also have some great Educational software and other Software you can Download from MedloSongs.Com, Oh yeah and don't forget to visit Cd Baby. Until next time, Dave Medlo