Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I'm Sleepin' In

Have you ever had one of those weeks at work that when someone comes through the front door and you ask them- "Can you hold please"- and when you get home from work your answering the phone as if you were at work? That's what this song is all about. Just picture yourself out on Friday night maybe playing a game of pool or having a few drinks(maybe one too many) and you go home that night glad that it's the weekend and you know you have it off. All the sudden it's the morning time and your alarm goes off, you jump out of bed because you think your late to work---- you put your clothes on and then--- right before you hit the door you realize--- "Wait a minute, it's Saturday"--- and the relief that just overwhelms your body is a total natural high in itself! Yes--- no f--n work today!! Back to bed!! Then 3 hours later the phone rings and it's your Boss asking you to come in to work!! That's what we have answering machines for Right! Wrong? Right? You struggle with your conscience back and forth and finnally you tell yourself--- nah--- I'm Sleepin' In! You can check the song out at The Medlo's and purchase single song downloads from "The Medlo's Sonic Pictures" here MedloSongs.Com


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