Monday, March 07, 2005

"The Medlo's Sonic Picture" Song Description: Torn From The Hand

"Torn From The Hand" is about a man who has worked all his life as a independant steel worker who owned his own business. He never wasable to put aside a lot of money for his retirement and figured thatsocial security would help make up for what he couldn't save up. Well it turns out that they changed the retirement age to 72 years of age and he was 68. He had to work 4 more years to get his retirement. This put a strain on him since he should have been retired already at 68. He finallygets his check and notices it's not for very much money. Having developed some heart problems over those last 4 years, he stresses out and drops dead. Leaving his wife behind with no money, who has to be supported by her children. Just think how much money people would have if we didn't have to pay into social security!It would be all yours and no politicians could get their greedy little paws on it! Social security along with Income tax and Welfare was invented to keep hard working people in dept to support the politicians high spending habits. To keep the poor and the minorities downand tell them their gona do this and that for them, just so they can get the votes to keep them in power! Now, this probably isn't all true (haa) but it sure seems that way sometimes. Ya know, I should write a Michael Moore type documentary about this so I can get booked at all the colledges like he does and charge $20,000 per speech,like he does, which comes out of the students tuition fund which is paid by all the students filthy, rich, ignorant, parents, and ---- wait, I couldn't, it wouldn't work, it-- it was a--hu--shu don'tread this to loud-- the--dd-- is Ted Kennedy close by? O.K. it was the Democrats that invented Social SecurityDamm, Shuu, we all know you can't have a conspiracy theory on the Democrats, I hear you'll get in big trouble and Bruce Springsteen will come to your house and Kick your Ass! AA hell, yu know this sucks that Michael Moore has this whole conspiracy market cornered,all the Bush Haters have jumped on the Republican George Bush conspiracy Stuff, and have made some good profit, of course with the exception of Rush who would try to convince you that Republican Conservatives can do no Wrong! shuu--what was that -- I'm gona stop saying anything because Bill Gates of Microsoft is probably recording everything I say here and could turn it into the CIA and one of those Planes that they were showing on 60 minutes could land in my backyard and I could be taken away as an enemy Computer Blogger Combatant! Thanks for reading this far. You can check out "Torn From The Hand" at MedloSongs.Comand on Cd Baby. I am an American and refuse to lable myself as any ideology or partisan to any party. I call it how I see it. I'm Gratefull to have the Freedom to do so!