Monday, February 21, 2005

"The Medlos Sonic Pictures"Song Descriptions:Silvia Lake

Silvia Lake is a story about a camping trip with me and two of my old time camping buddies Chris and Eric. Chris and I drove up the night before and camped at the beginning of the trail head where we waited for Eric to arrive the next morning.

We decided to do something crazy the next day and carry a case of beer up this trail which was about five miles into the Wilderness. It wasn't too bad considering all of us took turns carrying this suitcase.

The name of the lake is actually "Lake Silvia" and the story I wrote about it is actually fiction. I don't really know where they got the name "Lake Silvia." It's a really beautiful lake surrounded by rocks on one side and trees on the other.

Well, the first night we got to drinking that case of beer and hiked up to this rock which over looked the lake. We named it tablerock because it was flat and you could sit on it. We also happened to have a bottle of Tequila with us and started in on that. Now this is where the howlin' at the moon part of the song came in. Their was moss on the side of the rocks on the lake that you could lay down on. It was like carpeting in your house, or atleast that's what it seamed like at the time.

It was a fire hazard to have fires up there so we had to play cards in the tent. That's when Eric pulled out some Wacky Tobacci and we proceeded to Hot Box his Tent. When I finally went to bed in my tent I was in pretty good shape. It was getting windy out and I started thinking about this movie I saw where these colledge kids were doing a documentary and they were in the woods of Maryland and all these scary bad things were happening to them. I was thinking about this part where the girl's in her tent and she's just scared to death because of all these strange sounds she was hearing. That's the part of the song where the words go "Late at nighttime that tent, heard nothin' new but the crazy old wind." That's when I stepped out of my tent defying the fact that I was too smashed to be scared and looked out over Lake Silvia and saw the "Moon shining as bright as lights on a Car" right on the Lake! Of course there was only "one" moon but at the time I was seeing "Two" moons shining off the Water!

That's when I decided to write a song about this beautiful place. Of course I don't mention in the song that yours Truly had to leave a day earlier and was elected to carry all the smelly beer cans out on his back along with a few empty smoked oyster cans to boot. Bear Bait I tell yah! That's what I was. I heard a few thing moving in the bushes on the way back, I think it was just a mountain lion or something and probably scared it off with all the noise!

So there you have it, the true story behind the Song Silvia Lake. You can find Silvia Lake and all the other songs from "The Medlo's Sonic Pictures" at MedloSongs.Com and you can also find it at CdBaby.Com Thanks for Visiting Medlo Songs Blogger and Buying "The Medlo's Sonic Pictures.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

"The Medlo's Sonic Pictures" Song Descriptions: Forgotten Heroes

Have you ever listened to a song that had a certain meaning to you only to find out from a Dj on the radio that it meant something totally different from what you thought? I have! That's why I'm writing out some Song Descriptions here just in case you don't understand my words that I'm singing on this album "The Medlo's Sonic Pictures" found on Forgotten Heroes is about just that "Forgotten Heroes". While most of us go along with our lives every day in freedom, we take for granted the sacrafice of the people in our military that have fought for freedom in our country and abroad. It seems to me that the wounded get the shaft most of the time, not only mentally but physically to. It's been this way through out history anywhere in the world, the wounded always pay the biggest sacrafice, even more so than the people who have paid the ultimate price of death. All the proceeds from this song will go towards the wounded veterans in our military. I would also like to note that there are people in our Country who view the US as the Big Bad Wolf and the "New Roman Empire" which needs to Fall Again so we can all become hard core Socialists that rely on one Big Group of Elites to Support Us. Sorry, that's not why the European Tribes traveled the seas to get here. How about the"White Man" taking over the Indians land and now we need to pay reporations. Well what about all the Indian tribes that wiped out other Rival Indian tribes and took there land and killed there women and children and had slaves! Should they have to pay reporations too? Or how about the Italian Americans and German Americans who were put into internment camps during WW2, should they get reporations? The Japanese Americans did! We might as well hand over the whole country to the African Americans, right! The point I'm trying to say here is that we're all Americans and what truly makes our country great is that we have a little bit of every Nationality and Culture in the World here. True Independance is Relying on Yourself for your Happiness and not Someone Else or a Group of People to tell you what to do. Our strength is that we have the Freedom to Disagree! Try going to Saudi Arabia and be a woman and speak your mind! Sorry your DEAD! How about Iran, see how far you make it wearing your favorite bikini to the Beach! Sorry your DEAD! We have it soo good here. We need Wack-Job Liberals and Wack-Job Conservatives that's what keeps Us Inline! You know, Us Normal People! We need to Question Authority its our right. Try to do that in North Korea! Sorry your DEAD! We all need to be Americans and Appreciate all our Different Cultures that has made this Great Country, and most of all, Remember our Forgotten Heroes. Go to or and take a listen!