Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Entertainers vs Songwriters vs Big Record Companies

If you asked me when I was 18 what I wanted to be when I got older, I would have told you a Famous Musician. As the years went on my goals changed from this dream of being Famous Musician to "how am I going to feed myself this week?", "where am I getting the money to pay for this apartment I’m sharing? Pretty soon you find yourself playing top 40 and have a day-job on the side, you start feeling like a Music Prostitute for hire and it gets old. What I realized here is that there’s a difference between Songwriter-Artist Musicians and people who just Entertain. An Entertainer will be happy just doing other peoples songs and cracking jokes and the whole Lounge deal in Vegas. A Songwriter-Artist Musician is someone who Entertains by being Themselves and Creating their Own Music that they can Share with Everyone, even if not everyone likes your music, there’s always someone that will appreciate what you are doing. These days we have certain types of music played over and over again on the radio stations. They only play artists from the big guys, because the big guys have the bucks to advertise and the little artists like me don’t. That’s all changing, with the Internet. Just as blogging has brought more diversity to the information age, Online Independant Music Stores and Internet Radio are plugging away at getting the small guy heard. If you would like to check out some bands or artists that you have never heard before, go to and visit my site at and check out The Medlo’s Sonic Pictures! I also have a Demo Service, Artist and Band link page, equipment page that you can advertise your equipment "For Sale" and other valuable resources for Independant Musicians Like Myself.


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